Led by founder Tania Leach who brings two decades of experience in print, UI, and PR design, Sapphire Blue Design offers such services as identity creation, infographics, press kit development, brochures/collateral development, book design, powerpoint and more. Tania’s experience and dedication ensures that her work is well designed and effective in presenting the message you wish to convey. She also understands the importance of completing work on time and on budget.

SBD works internationally with clients including Dragonfly Design Group, Rushing PR and more.

Over the years, Tania has also built relationships with many talented freelancers and vendors that work as a support system for her business. She works with illustrators, copywriters, printers and mail distribution houses for example. You can rest assured that no matter what kind of graphic design work you need, or how big or small the project, SBD has the ability to bring it to life. 

In addition to our creativity, we pride ourselves on our project management skills. You can feel confident that you have not only found the right creative team, but also one that will take care of deadlines and budgets to you can get back to what you need to do.